Mittwoch, 9. März 2011

CTB - Thread and pen art

Thread and pen art

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I´m excited to be part of the CTB series and hope you enjoy your visit here at fraufertig.

Big or small, names or numbers, this project is easily completed, needs little material but offers an endless range of designs to decorate and personalize a boy`s room. The finished board can be hang up on the wall or be arranged on a sideboard or rack. Surely it is a modern looking eye catcher. 

For this easy artwork you don`t need more than an ordinary wood board, black thread (or any other colour), a lettering and 1-2 inch nails. (Certainly you can put the lettering directly on the wall, but as I like to often change a room`s arrangement I used a wood board as base.)

1. Preparation: Decide about the size of your finished artwork and cut the wood board accordingly. Paint the board the colour you prefer and let it dry. Print your lettering so that it fits on the board and cut out each letter. Arrange the lettering on the board and fix it with masking tape.

2. The Nails: Start to beat in the nails in each angle of the lettering.

Using a measuring tape beat in more nails in equal interspaces. Remember that your thread should be able to make some kind of a zigzag grid in the end. 

3. Making the grid: Remove the lettering and start to bind the thread on one nail and fix it with a knot close to the nails head. Now tighten the thread from one nail to the other always winding it once or twice tightly close to the nails head. Continue until the outline is finished.  

Now start to connect all nails with each other. Surely you get all excited about how many possibilities you will get. But be careful not to "cross" the lettering`s outline. 

Work this way until every letter is completed.  If you want to hang your artwork on the wall you need to fix a hook at the back of the wood board.

That´s it - done. I hope you like this idea thanks for joining fraufertig.

You can find more tutorials here.


  1. now that is pretty dang awesome! i think i want to do our last name initial really big for our dining room!

  2. This is amazingly creative! I can't wait to make one! Thank you for the tutorial.

  3. That is so neat! I have to tell you I did a much simpler lesson on this with my fifth grade art students and they loved it last year! They were so amazed and they had never before seen this type of work! I love your letters!

  4. Was für eine tolle Idee! Dein Stil gefällt mir sehr viel.

  5. I did it and love it! thank you!

  6. Awesome! Love this... Totally going to try it.

  7. I made this for my nursery. Thank you so much for the tutorial!